The Sijwa Dress

Giving back by creating

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History of the Sijwa Dress

As a fashion designer and as the reigning Miss Supranational, I could use this platform to grow my passion - teaching sewing skills to the youth of Namibia.

Together with African Monarch Lodges, we launched the Junior Sewing School at The Sijwa Project in the beautiful Zambezi Region of Namibia.

The Sijwa project is a skill development sanctuary started by African Monarch Lodges for the community, and now home to the Junior Sewing school. I wrote a curriculum and taught it to the adult seamstresses so that they can teach the kids new skills every week. After working with these ladies by giving them more in-depth training, their talent blossomed. 

After walking such a lovely journey together, we are excited to announce that through my NamiNami brand, I have designed the Sijwa Dress that will exclusively be made at the Sijwa project by the women who teach the Junior Sewing School! 

This means that when you purchase a Sijwa Dress, your dress will be hand-made by the women of the Zambezi region. You are contributing to giving these women skills, full time jobs and the opportunity to teach youth sewing skills. Thank you for your support.

-Chanique Rabe, founder of NamiNami

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